The Intitute : - The “Training and Development Institute of India” is a program of NICE Society and an autonomous body of not for profit organization, started in 2006. It works in Education, Employment and Entrepreneurship segment in major. There are several other working areas of the society, where it compiled the several literacy and social-welfare programs. We provide Quality professional education among mass segment of the society. Training and development can be described as "an educational process which involves the sharpening of skills, concepts, changing of attitude and gaining more knowledge to enhance the performance of every individual as well as organisation. We are specialized in the Education, Training and Development. We promote research, publish learned material, distribute information, organize workshops seminar and events, and contribute to public debates on issues affecting the development of Human Resources. Our focus is multidisciplinary and encompasses both theoretical and applied work. The TDII also sponsors the Campaign for Training and Development Program. Our faculties are experienced, Infrastructure professionally sound and people are committed to the cause of training. We wish to assure all concerned that no effort will be spared TDII to bring us as one of the best training, educational and development institution in India. This organisation is an inspired movement with a desire to bring about a change for the betterment of the society and the nation.

Values : -

  •   Integrity
  •  Excellence
  •  Dedication
  •  Inclusivity
  •  Accountability


To create opportunities for every individual as well as organizations and increase the capability to system of the society to deliver quality education, training, professional and vocational knowledge.


Leading transformation through education and training to development for every individual of society.

Board of Directors

D .K. Singh

Dr. Prof. Kamal Kumari Singh

Pavan Srivastav

Rajesh Kumar Dubey

Jyoti Rai

Tintu P. Varghees

Anand Priya Deo

Dr. Kumar Vijayesh

Dr. jitendra Kumar

Prof. Preeti Yadav

Director's Message

TDII is about hone and sharpen to all individuals who believe in quality training and development. TDII is a platform for those who want to develop themselves as a role model for others. Most of the time we see news of people who are experienced, but uneducated & untrained and thus struggling for their livelihood in other states. They work very hard but earn very less. Despite hardworking and committed people, Bihar lacks employment opportunities. This institution has been formed with the objective of bridging the gap between demands and resources. TDII promotes better and more effective use of human resources through government, quasi government, non-government, private and service industries and other sectors as well as education, training and development. We have a professional infrastructure, distinguished faculty members and youth committed to vocational and vocational education.

Our mission is to stop the brain drain in Bihar, which is likely due to lack of opportunities. Adding to this, we also aim to train talented youth in a professional manner so that they can be proved as an asset not only to the state but to the nation as a whole. I hope that my further endowers will be helpful in removing the "backwardness" tag that is still with the talented youth of our state.

I assure all individuals that not a single effort will be gone waste to bring us TDII as the best institution in India.

I welcome you all to our universe of training and development

Ln. Manish Prasad

Executive Director

Faculty Members

Mr. Manoj Kumar Sinha

Mr. Bishwaranjan Chatterjee

Mr. Arun Kumar

Mr. S. Sen Gupta

Dr. Manoj Mishra

Dr. Preeti Singh

Ms. Swati Singh

Ms. Shambhavi Shankar

Ms. Ankita

Mr. Arun Prakash

Dr. Shahnaz Mirza

Mr. Amitabh prasad

Mr. S.K.David

Ms.Shadia Hoda

Training and Development institute of India

Sri Ram Kunj, Dadiji Lane, Gandhi Nagar, Boring Road, Patna-800001, Bihar (India)

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