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Skill Knowledge Partners (SKPs)

In December 2011, Tata Institute of Social Sciences set up the School of Vocational Education (SVE) to provide immediate and definite interventions to improve the skill levels of millions of youth, through appropriate vocational training programmes. The target beneficiaries include organized and unorganized workforce across the industries and SVE aims to cover every individual who needs to develop employable skills. A vision of creating an ecosystem that would bring back the dignity of labour to all professions and occupations to create sustainable sources of income for the blue collar workforce and youth in the country.

The approach adopted by TISS-SVE is called the Work Integrated Training Programme (WITP). The Vocational Educational Programme is being implemented for the first time in India with a focus on job-specific skills rather than providing only a broad knowledge based education. This Vocational Educational Programme is being implanted for the first time in India with a focus on job specific skills. The aim of this course is to provide theoretical education along with practical exposure hand in hand during the one-year period of the courses. Through this “Earn While You Learn” model, students get enabled for the classroom training as well as on-the-job training parallelly along with a modest stipend during the OJT. Employability is something that the admitted candidates will experience right from the beginning of the course rather than waiting for their course to be completed. Not only Employability but this course also enables the students for Entrepreneurships.

In order to carry this model on, we have some well-known SKPs (Skill Knowledge Providers)

List of SKPs

Harilal Ventures
Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Ltd.
Mentor Rural
Asian City Hostpial
New Era High School
Jan Jagran Sansthan
The Panache
Danik Bhashkar
Tata Steel
Gramin Evam Nagar Vikas Parishad
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